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What’s new with Transition Town Glassboro?

Our November 19 meeting has been cancelled. Check back for the location of our December 17 meeting.

This fall we are focusing our discussions on the Strong Towns movement. The Strong Towns movement encourages everyone to rethink how their towns are designed and developed. Instead of endless highway expansions, huge parking lots, unsafe local streets, a nationwide housing crisis, and a lack of transparency in municipal finance, there is a more prosperous and resilient way of developing towns that doesn’t center on the automobile.

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Transition Towns are a global movement to transform our local communities by making them more sustainable, more interconnected, and more resilient to change.  It was started in response to anxiety over future challenges the world is facing, and has spread from one town in England to become a global phenomenon.  By coming together, local communities are able to crowd-source solutions. They seek to nurture a caring culture, one focused on supporting each other, both as groups or as wider communities.

Transition Town Glassboro is part of this larger movement.  It is made up of local community residents who want to bring about a more resilient future for Glassboro. Working with other community organizations and the Borough, we would like to invite every resident to our meetings, or just to share your ideas with us, attend our events, or join one of our working groups and start a project of your own.  We seek to include everyone from all parts of Glassboro, regardless of race, income, gender, or sexual orientation.  By coming together, we are stronger than when we are alone.

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Recent Accomplishments

At Glassboro Community Day on June 11 we surveyed visitors to our table with the question “What should Glassboro do to become more resilient in the face of climate change?” The three top vote-getters (tied for 5 votes each) were: 1. Plant more shade trees; 2. Build a solar farm or community solar installation; and 3. Make Glassboro safer for bicyclists and pedestrians. Other options were 4. Support the Glassboro-Camden (light rail) Line, and 5. Switch the borough to Community Choice Aggregation for electricity.

Ideas suggested by visitors included holding a community yard sale for student move-out; providing outdoor water bottle filling stations around town; providing more bicycle racks outside local businesses; and requiring restaurants to recycle bottles and cans. What do YOU think we should do?

We held a screening of the film Kiss the Ground, on the importance of healthy soil for agriculture and the planet, on May 14 at the West Jersey Depot.

Trees are a carbon sink that helps ameliorate global warming. One tree will absorb one ton of CO2 in its lifetime!

Glassboro has lost almost 300 acres of forested land to development since 1986. One of our group’s projects is to plant more trees on borough streets. Planting trees is one way that residents can combat climate change and reduce summertime “heat island” effects that raise the temperature locally.

We donated 26 redbud saplings to the borough of Glassboro in early November, 2020, and gave away the remaining 8 trees (a mixture of pine and redbud saplings) at the Earth Day celebration at Scotland Run Park on April 24, 2021.

How You Can Get Involved

Transition Town Glassboro meets on the third Saturday of the month at 3 pm. We are eager to meet Glassboro-area activists who have ideas for events and projects that can make a difference locally.

Join us and learn how the Transition movement’s positive, solutions-oriented approach helps communities prepare for a future shaped by climate change.

If you’d like to support our organization by making a donation, send us a message using the form below and we’ll let you know where to send your check.

Who We Are

Transition Town Glassboro Steering Committee:

Kelly Tamburello, President

Denise Brush, Treasurer

Beth Whitehead, Secretary

Bill Reitter

Krista Hewes

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